Next Start Date: To Be Announced
Total class time: approximately 15 hours

Teacher: Himmat Singh Khalsa

This webinar series will cover the 40 Paurīs of Japujī Sāhib; the first utterance of the Sirī Gurū Gran̊th Sāhib. You will learn the meaning of each Paurī, the spiritual effect of reciting them and their accurate pronunciation. This will be an interactive and experiential webinar through which you will lay the foundation for a deeper experience of reciting Japujī Sāhib. It is recommended that you take the Gurmukhī webinar series along with this one, but it is not required.

All levels are welcome to join.

Each session is scheduled for 1.5 hours, which will include:
* A short introduction
* Gurmukhī warmup
* 4 Paurīs with their:
   * meaning
   * effect
   * pronunciation
   * recitation
* Q&A to finish the class

Students will have access to course materials online.

Please email atthebunga@gmail.com if you are interested or if you would like to request a personal session.


We would like these webinars to be available to everybody who is interested. We understand that these are difficult times and that many people in the world are experiencing financial hardship. We don’t believe that money should be an obstacle to anyone pursuing their interest in enriching themselves, especially in subjects like these. If you are would like to register, but you have a financial constraint, please send an email to atthebunga@gmail.com


Himmat Singh Khalsa started studying Gurmukhi 30 years ago, when he was a child. He has taught Japji Sahib for Sikh Dharma as well as other workshops around the world. He lived in Amritsar for 12 years both studying and teaching at Miri Piri Academy. Recently, he completed in depth study (Santhya) of the Dasam Granth with a Master of Gurmukhi, Giani Gurwinder Singh Nangali. He is also an Associate Trainer of Kundalini Yoga and has a bachelors degree in Psychology.